About Us

Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 A.M.

Bible Studies
Small Group Bible Study - Contact office for dates and times
Men's Bible Study - Saturday Morning - 9:00 A.M.
Sunday Morning Bible Study - Sunday 9:20 A.M.

Our Church History

The community of Sun Village opened for residents in the Summer of 1986 with approximately twenty people residing.  In the Fall of that year a group from the Village established The Community Church At Sun Village [formerly, The Sun Village Community Church] as a non-denominational church with Pastor Bill Bublitz, along with his wife Betty, to lead them.  Attendance was ten to twelve on any given Sunday.  Through the years, both the Village and the Church grew.

With the retirement of Pastor William Bublitz in 1995, Dr. Roger Ottersen and his wife Gayleene arrived to lead the church.  Under his ministry, regular attendance grew from twenty-five or thirty to about one-hundred-and-fifty.  With the growing needs of the Church Will Boyll was hired as Assistant Pastor in April of 1998.

After Pastor Ottersen's retirement in January of 2002 and while searching for a replacement, Pastor Pat Shaughnessy was hired in the interim.  Because of his other commitments, he was only available for Sunday morning services.  Pastor Boyll assumed responsibility for all other ministries aided by his wife Marie and other Church members.  Pastor Pat and his wife, Jan served the Church until May of 2004 at which time Dr. Larry Goding, with his wife Donna, arrived and continues to served as Senior Pastor until his retirement at the end of 2016.  Starting January 1, 2017, Dr. Charles Rasmussen became the new interim pastor of Community Church At Sun Village.

The Church serves Sun Village and the surrounding area.  Average weekly attendance during the winter months continues to be one-hundred-and-forty and drops to around fifty in the summer.  The ministry of the church includes Sunday worship service, Sunday morning Bible study, Thursday morning women's Bible Study, and a Saturday men's Bible study.  In addition to the Bible studies other activities include a monthly men's fellowship breakfast, Women's Ministry meetings, and a monthly Church Potluck.  Other special events include an annual outreach concert, special services on Good Friday, a Thanksgiving Service, and Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

Sun Village Community Church plays a significant role in the resort community of Sun Village in Surprise.  Since its beginning the motto of the church has been and will remain

“A Family of Faith ... A Family of Friends.”